Elementary Program Expansion includes Howard and Family School

Elementary Program Expansion includes Howard and Family School

We are happy to announce that this spring we will expand in-school educational programming to include Family School and Howard Elementary!

Family School

School Garden Project is excited to offer school day garden education at Family School’s new location. We began an educational partnership with Family School in 2009, continuing until the school moved to its new location on Crest Drive in June 2015. Committed teachers and volunteers rallied to move all of the large raised beds to the new site.

Last fall, students got a preview of garden class when they explored the new garden and planted cover crop. Spring lessons at Family School begin in late February and will continue through early June. We’re thrilled to be back, and excited to inspire students through a connection to food and science.


Howard Elementary

School Garden Project has offered STEM- based garden lessons in the BEST Plus after school program at Howard Elementary since 2012. A brand new garden space was unveiled when Howard opened the doors to its new building last fall. We are eager to begin a new in-school education partnership with the third grade this spring. This spring, students at both schools will learn about plant parts, habitat, soil, worms, and pollinators. They will also plant a variety of crops including peas, radishes, kale, lettuce, and onions.