Volunteer Spotlight: John Proctor

John ProctorMeet SGP Volunteer John Proctor! John is a retired community member and is an incredibly dedicated volunteer at Adams Elementary School. By the end of the 2014/15 school year, he will have spent over 20 hours in the school garden teaching third graders how to plant, tend and harvest. His specialty is planting with the kids which is evidenced by the lush jungle of fava beans, carrots and lettuce currently growing there now! Thank you John for the commitment level you bring to your volunteer position with SGP! We couldn’t do it without you!
Q&A session with John:
Q. What is your Garden Super Power?
A. Caring about the kids and the garden experience they get each time we have class.
Q. What is your favorite thing about volunteering with SGP and the students?
A. I like the variety of activities we get to do. There’s something for everyone.
Q. What is your favorite lesson you helped teach?
A. The soil lesson, where the kids got to play the “WAMO Game” (WAMO stands for Water, Air, Minerals and Organic Materials; the four main components of soil). It was a lot of fun.
Q. What part of working with our programs stands out to you?
A. The way that different kids are drawn to different topics. Like some loved the soil lesson, where others really enjoyed getting to plant and tend the plants.

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