Volunteer Spotlight: Jessica Southwick

Volunteer Spotlight: Jessica Southwick

Jessica has worked with SGP programs for two years now as well as arranging one of the largest work parties in SGP history with her work team from OMRI. This year she has been working with students at Cesar Chavez Elementary School during her lunch break and is looking forward to another great OMRI day of giving in June! Read her Q & A below:
jessica vol. spotlight 5.15
What is your Garden Super Power?
Cultivating garden rhymes
About bees and flowers and garden times
Cause as our fruits and veggies grow

Our happiness and creativity flow


What is your favorite thing about working with SGP?
“Being a part of the experience. Not just teaching kids but actually taking part in their learning. You set it up for them to make their own discoveries in the garden rather than just telling them information. I like that.”
What is your favorite lesson?
What part of working with our programs stands out to you?
“I like how the kids take care of each other- they make sure that everyone is included. It’s pretty cool to see that happening.”


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