Volunteer Spotlight: GloryBee Foods

Group PhotoSchool Garden Project programs would not be possible without the help of many dedicated volunteers. In addition to helping with our in-school educational programming, volunteers assist School Garden Project with garden maintenance through work parties, event promotion, and program administration and evaluation tasks. We would reach far fewer students with our programs each year were it not for the dedication and passion that our volunteers bring to our programs.
One group of volunteers that has gone above and beyond during the 2013/2014 school year is the contingent of volunteers from GloryBee Foods. GloryBee has long been a great business supporter of School Garden Project and has organized group work parties for their staff in previous years. This season, GloryBee volunteers upped the ante and provided us with over 70 hours of support through work parties and individual volunteer assistance for in-school programs. Founder Pat Turanski even came by to do some cooking lessons for students during our after school STEM lessons! In addition to donating their time to assist in the garden, members of GloryBee’s staff have also helped School Garden Project extend our reach by promoting our events and encouraging others to support our programs.
Thank You GloryBee! We are pleased to see our relationship continue to grow.

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